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…saw the passion on Friday and will never be the same. The question begs to be answered, what am Igoing to do with (Christ) what I now know? I am now accountable and must choose whether to believe that Jesus was the son or God or not…greatest moment in history to the screen. I cannot say enough about what an impact this movie has had on me… Sincerely, Alice

I cannot begin to tell you how important The Passion of Jesus Christ is to my family. My daughter who lives in another state viewed the event on this past Sunday. It was a life changing experience for her.
Just a Fan!

It should tear people up inside to hear all the talk of this powerful movie being anti-semitic. If we allow these statements to become true that there will be increased conflict between Christians and Jewish people then the true message of this movie will be lost. Jesus paid a tremendous price for our sins. And I for one after seeing this movie and truly understanding what my savior did for me, me an unworthy sinner, has restored my life and the commitment of my life to Jesus. Mankind needs to live the rest of our lives the way Jesus would want us to, with love, patience for one another and to build each other up in Christ not tear each other down.
S. Davidson

...When I see this movie I see beyond the physical. I see the love and compasion and grace of God...not how unfair Mel Gibson [is] in singling out the Jews as His murderer. Only the ignorant, convicted, or blame placers could come to this conclusion. If this movie causes issues between the Jews and others, then please stop all violent movies, all these immoral movies, all demeaning movies, all depressing movies, all movies that speak in the four letter language and all these movies of casual murder...this movie becomes very personal and addresses the heart and lets you know where
yours stands.
Thanks for listening,

This movie tells the truth, and I think that is why some people have a problem accepting it.
Your Friend in Christ, Paul D.

I just want to let you know what a great web site you have created...May
God Bless you.

I can't stop thinking about all God
is doing in our culture right now...I don't understand all God is doing by giving us this awesome moment in time, but I know every one of us needs to be doing all we can to join God in what He's doing. If we do, there's no telling how many people can have life-changing experiences...
Kenton Beshore
Senior Pastor, Mariners Church

The Passion of the Christ gave us a glimpse of what Jesus did for all man kind and particularly for me.

We own a cinema - there is no better
inspiration than this and I believe a movie
as this one is long overdue!!
Milagro G.

I went to see the movie with my sister, who is a minister. We have a question about the scene during the gruesome torture scene when Satan appears…

GREETINGS. THANKS FOR YOUR WEBSITE. where I can Chinese? It would be a big help as my friends' English is very poor. Blessings, Aixen

Your site is excellent...People are seeing the film and lives are being touched.
Best Regards, Webmaster

My family and I saw the "Passion" movie and were deeply touched by it. Coming from an Hispanic background, I'd like to know will the movie be released with subtitles in other languages?
Nancy Bronx, New York

The Passion of the Christ
Jesus Christ said, “Salvation comes from the Jews.” Nevertheless, one of the greatest recent controversies about Jesus Christ has arisen with regard to the recently released Mel Gibson feature film titled The Passion of the Christ, starring Jim Caviezel. The script focuses on the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus Christ and has created a maelstrom of debate, controversy and allegations about the film, Mel Gibson and followers of Jesus Christ. Diane Sawyer explored the controversy surrounding "The Passion of the Christ" in an interview with Mel Gibson on February 17 in a special edition of "Primetime."

Kim Lawton from the PBS program, Religion and Ethics Newsweekly reported that many Christians see "The Passion of the Christ" as an opportunity for evangelizing, while the marketers see the ministries as a key to ticket sales. Promotional trailers for "The Passion of the Christ" movie have been playing in movie theaters, over the Internet and, in churches. In a specially designed four-minute trailer for churches, Mel Gibson told congregations about his film. "My hope is that its message will change people's lives, remind them of the enormity of the sacrifice that was made for us all," Gibson said during the trailer.

Abraham Foxman, from the Anti-Defamation League said, "There is an offensive commercial tinge to this. It's almost -- it becomes a religious mission to see this movie." The Simon Weisenthal Center in Los Angeles has issued a statement that “The controversy surrounding the film The Passion of the Christ has given rise to misconceptions and distortions that threaten the status of Jewish/Christian relations.”

Jim Caviezel, the actor Gibson chose to play Jesus Christ in The Passion, says "I would have never wished the abuse that Mel has endured on anyone but it has had a purpose. A lot of people who would never go to a so-called religious film will see this, and some of them, I know, will be changed by it. Even those of us who did have personal relationships with God before we made the movie were changed by it. It is controversial, it is provocative. It's a message that changed the world; why wouldn't it be?"

"The Passion of the Christ" opens nationwide on Ash Wednesday, February 25. Passion plays have run throughout the centuries, but the modern movie depiction of the last hours of Jesus Christ is expected to reach millions of viewers.

Most Christians groups are very enthusiastic about the movie, while many Jewish groups are decrying the movie as anti-Semitic and portraying Jews in a negative light. In his interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC, Mel Gibson proposed examining the question of Jesus Christ. What does the Bible say about Jesus Christ? What do the Holy writings of Judaism say about a messiah? The controversy is leading many to examine their own faith, the faith of others, and to examine what Mel Gibson told Diane Sawyer are “long buried” questions – the trial, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.